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Live less out of habit, and more out of intent.



Individual training tailors the fitness program specifically to your needs, goals and timeframe. The focus is on you for the duration of the session, and we modify the program as needed throughout the workout regime. No cookie cutter plans here! The trainer-client relationship will be a huge factor in the success of the program and in getting you to your goals. You will be held accountable through our coaching systems and we offer round-the-clock support on fitness and nutrition. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get strong, or increase your cardio, we can help you make positive changes and see results!



Using Precision Nutrition’s world renowned software, ProCoach, you will be coached through nutrition essentials. There will be no rigid meal plans or diets in place, only daily habits and lessons to be completed online. Your progress will be measured monthly and you will be held accountable each week. This will empower you to redefine the way you think about food, and efficiently incorporate healthy eating into your daily lifestyle.



Bootcamps are a great way to incorporate high intensity workouts into your busy schedule. In this fast paced group setting, you will push yourself beyond your limits to burn fat and build muscle. Through plyometric drills and conditioning circuits, you will learn how to move efficiently and increase your work capacity. The outdoor bootcamps will be held twice a week behind the Vic Johnston Arena, in Streetsville. Indoor bootcamps will also be coached by Isadora at The Bootcamp Factory in Mississauga.

For class schedules and prices, visit www.thebootcampfactory.ca




Certified Personal Trainer

• Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
• Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist
• Emergency First Aid & CPR + AED

• Darby Training Systems Level 1
• DTS Small Group Training
• Certified RockTape Practitioner
• HardStyle Kettlebell Training
• SWIS Exercise Muscle Testing
• Precision Nutrition Level 1

Personal Biography:

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with 3 years’ experience in the field. I studied Fitness and Health Promotion at Humber College for two years. This is where I started my own fitness journey. Prior to that, I was at Ryerson University for Interior Design for one year. During that time, I was pulling many all-nighters and eating very unhealthy foods. I had little previous fitness background, and no real knowledge on good eating habits. I gained the “freshman 15” and felt like I hit the lowest point in my early adulthood. I was unhappy with my program and myself; I knew it was time to make a big change. That’s when I quit Interior Design and made the decision to improve my lifestyle.

I got my first gym membership and learned how to work out via YouTube videos. I researched the basics of nutrition and ideas on how to eat cleaner. In a 6 months span, I had lost almost 20 pounds and was the lightest I had ever been in my life. I was happy, and healthy – except I didn’t have a career path planned out. After thinking and pondering, the best choice was to explore what I had been so interested and dedicated to for the last few months. I enrolled in Fitness and Health Promotion later that year, and haven’t looked back since.

My passion for health and wellbeing stems from living life to your fullest. I love interacting with people… I’d like to motivate others in some shape or form, because that is my true purpose in life. Just like everyone else, I have had my ups and downs, experiencing my own journey in fitness. For that reason, I can put myself in the place of others as well as understand where they are starting from, and help them make positive changes to enhance their everyday lives.

I am always learning and reading information in articles and books to further expand my horizon in the field. Continuing education via courses and workshops are very important to me, so I can provide my clients with the most current and efficient training methods possible. I am dedicated to the success of my clients and love inspiring others to be the best version of themselves, both physically and mentally!


“Initially when I joined the gym, it was to try and work out by myself just using the equipment. Soon I found out that that was not enough. Since working with Isadora for over two years, I have noticed a change in my motivation and I push past my limits to achieve my results. I find that I have become stronger, my flexibility has improved vastly, energy levels have increased, and I have gained muscle in ways that makes my body feel and look toned! All this because Isadora places a high value on correct form for each exercise and always encourages me to do the best I can that day. She is a warm, caring, and enthusiastic trainer, who also keeps in mind the capabilities of her clients.”
- Rekha

“Before training with Isadora, I didn’t know a whole lot about the health and fitness world. Joining the bootcamps has definitely changed my lifestyle for the better. I am more conscious about what I eat, especially concerning protein and nutrients. I also enjoy my independent workouts more because I now know the proper form of the exercise. Isadora has completely surpassed my expectations as a bootcamp coach. She is so genuine and down to earth – I can tell she truly cares about my success in the program. She is consistently on time, always prepared and never misses a beat. Every person in the bootcamp gets the same attention and even gets extra time explaining things when needed. Isadora is extremely knowledgeable and makes sure to note all the do’s and don’ts for each exercise we do. It means a lot that she actually notices the little things and motivates us when we feel like quitting.”

“I had made the decision that I needed to take control of my weight and eating habits. I have worked with Isadora for 3 years through personal training and bootcamps. She makes sure that my form on each exercise is done properly before increasing the weight and that by repetition it becomes automatic. The workouts are varied enough to keep your muscles challenged and to help you meet your goals. I love the team mentality in a bootcamp as well – we all push each other to work harder than we can on our own! I have gotten so much stronger and good nutrition has become second nature. It has been a great experience working with Isadora and I would recommend her to anybody!”
- Mary

For Online and in-Home Personal Training please contact us for more information.